Crystal Grade 50g

    • Overview:
      Magnificent and visually appealing, our Crystal Grade Birds' Nest is our best seller.

      Used widely by most restaurants and wholesalers, it’s the strong aroma and taste that makes our Crystal Grade the best seller.

      Our Crystal Grade has a full bowl shape, which is one of the most easily recognizable shapes of edible birds’ nest, and is highly known for its beautiful curve shape and excellent swelling capacity when used in cooking.

      Treat yourself to the luxurious Crystal Grade birds’ nest!
    • Ladies:
      Improves metabolism and frequent consumption results in young, radiant and fairer skin.

      Enhances immune system, promotes brain and organ development, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.

      Pregnant Women:
      Consumption will improve immune functions of the fetus and reduce physical discomfort.

      Clears phlegm, strengthens lungs, kidneys, spleen and enhances appetite. Contains antioxidant benefits - essential to achieving anti-aging effects.

      New Mothers:
      Eating bird's nest will help speed up recovery after giving birth.

      Nourishes lungs, clears phlegm, and stops coughing.
    • Average Weight of Each Piece:
      8 grams

      Average Total Number of Pieces:
      6-7 pieces

      Expansion Rate:
      At least 10 times

      Total Selling Dried Weight:
      50 grams

      Storage Information:
      Store in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.

Type: Bird's Nest

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